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Doodler's Delight - Art Greeting Cards by Mark Ray

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Welcome to Doodler's Delight™

Art Greeting Cards by Mark Ray-Doodler's Delight - 1916

"We should talk less
          and draw more." ~ Goethe

Doodler's Delight™ names a process: a way of drawing based in improvisation – a way to escape the self in the motion of the hand across a page, an adventure in line-circle-point-shape-color. If you trust the motion, if you can disengage the goal-oriented mind, the result will usually be open to myriad interpretations – and will often delight the eye and soul. The artist, Mark Ray, practices the Art of Doodling as an exercise in freedom and joy.

The art greeting cards you see are selected from the many improvisational designs that emerged from this process. The cards are blank inside - no prefab messages. They offer space for the individual imagination to invent a greeting in the mood or spirit of the cover design as it affects the viewer and relates to the occasion. These are offered for your delight.